all of these long ass rants that “expose” selena on jelena tag are annoying as fuck. at least put them under read more goddamit 

Lawyer: As of today, what is your relationship with Selena Gomez?
Justin Bieber: We’re dating.
Lawyer: You mean, you’re boyfriend-girlfriend?
Justin Bieber: We are.

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we can officially say selena’s dating a calvin klein model now 


It’s time for the j ring to come back


u know when you’re writing a test and u can’t answer a question so you decide to skip it and then u find out the next 10 questions are all based on the answer from that one question you cannot do and it’s literally just like


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justinbieber post a pic of selena so that some annoying people can shut up thank you

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the best things in life have the most calories


@steviemackey: Here we gooooo💃🙏🙌