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August 17: Selena and Justin Bieber heading to her home in Calabasas, California [HQs]

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Just when I’m about to get over Jelena they do something and feelings come back

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@justinbieber: Bass no Treble remix?

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yes they’re together just get over it bitches


yes they’re together just get over it bitches

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Selena liked Justin’s photo on instgram

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It’s obvious that jelena is so happy when they’re together they must focus on that and not dwell on all the negatives that comes with their relationship.
A love as strong as theirs is hard to break, tendecy is that they will really come back to each other from time to time.

(But whatever, i’m just waiting)

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Anonymous asked:
hey i was just wondering..wasnt justin kissing some girl on a yacht now hes with selena? i dont understand..i love them both together but it doesnt make sense becuz either he was cheating or they were on a break but he moved on fast?? r the pics fake? but they were on bieber-news im just confused

I really can’t understand what happened tbh, this couple is confusing as fuck 

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